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The spinal accessory nerve controls the trapezius muscle, which is located toward the side and rear of the neck, and helps you to shrug your shoulders and control the motion of Did the inflammation also involve her neck? That could cause scar tissue,

Apply Ice for 10-15 minutes after each workout to reduce inflammation and pain. (If any skin irritation or adverse reaction occurs due to icing, see your medical doctor). A proper stretching neck pain The trapezius muscle is the one that tenses up most often.

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Trapezius ! Rhomboid Major ! Rhomboid Minor ! Levator Scapula ! Latissimus Dorsi Weakness or damage to this muscle results in forward displacement of the shoulder. Lumbar Triangle ! Irritation and inflammation of supraspinatus tendon ! *Shoulder impingement syndrome*

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Trapezius muscle flap. Similar to the pectoralis flap used after a median sternotomy, the trapezius is harvested easily through the existing midline incision, with or without an inferior or superior extension as needed. 9,41,50,53 The trape-

Myopathy In Post-Radiation Cervico-Scapular Syndrome
Figure 1: This section of left trapezius muscle exhibits numerous mostly angulated atrophic myofibers that are randomly distributed throughout the field. that the inflammation in this case, which is mild, is reactive to the degenerative process. The

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Nerve inflammation, exists and has the whole list of causes. And the causes described by traditional medicine are close to those, created by people fantasies. I do not even want to finished with the injection to a trapezius muscle.

Inflammation: Not the Bad Guy 23 Our Misguided War on Inflammation, 24 The Many Faces of Chronic Benign Pain 26 The Role of “Silent” Inflammation The Trapezius Muscle 212 Figure 13.6: Trigger points and common referral patterns, 213

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Note the finding next to the muscle checked: T = Tension, hypertonicity P = Pain S = Spasm I = Inflammation N = Numbness/tingling Deltoid Tricep Soleus Biceps Femoris Iliotibial Tract Semitendinosis Lumbodorsal Fascia Trapezius ____ ! Title: Body Map

Becoming the cause of muscle contraction, spasm, inflammation, pain and swelling. #1 Trapezius Upper #3 Trapezius Lower #5 Levator Scapulae (#10 Latissimus Dorsi) #6 Rhomboids #7 Pectoralis Minor 8. Lateral view shows a right anterior